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Woodland Printers represents many Native artists from around Canada and the world. We offer prints of the artists’ work shown here.
If you are looking for artist originals, you can contact us by using the Contact/Order Desk link on the menu to the left and we would be glad to discuss the possibilities with you.
We have enjoyed our present location since 1972 and over the years many Native artists have visited and showed their work in our gallery space.

We are located in Cutler, on the Serpent River First Nation, on highway 17, between Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury, in northern Ontario.

We are open regularly for gallery visits. If you are ever in the area, please feel free to drop by and visit the Gallery or sign the Guest Book. The artists would love to read your comments about their works.
Note: All artwork on the artists pages are measured in inches. Also some of the artwork have been photographed with picture frames and if so, the measurements are of the surrounding frame and not the artwork itself.

A Few Suggestions on Purchasing Native American Art

Buying from a reliable dealer is important. They will be honest in their opinions and represent exactly what they have. Beyond that, there are some other barometers that you can use to evaluate various items of Native art. Listed below are a few suggestions you should know to help assist you in your selection.

Refund Policy

– Ask about the dealers refund policy. Well made Native art always holds it’s value; quite often it appreciates with time. Any dealer should be glad to give a full refund if the customer is not fully satisfied with their purchase.

Personal Taste

– “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and Native art is no exception! A piece of Native art, whether baskets, beadwork, turquoise, or wood and stone carvings should first of all please the owner. Like all fine art, you will own the piece for many years and enjoy it on many occasions. You should feel proud when displaying or wearing it. If you think the piece of art you purchase is appealing, rest assured it will be just as appealing to most, if not all other people.


– Sometimes a Native artist will not sign a piece of art because of deep traditional feelings. Traditional artists believe a part of their spirit is in each piece they create. If your spirit and the artist’s spirit are in harmony the item will come into your possession. A pushy salesperson is not needed. A signature is not a guarantee of fine quality art all the time. But some of the well known artists are starting to sign their work. It is nice to know who made your purchase for future references.

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