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Air quality improved at our gallery

We didn’t realize just how thick the build up of fumes from our huge collection of paintings was becoming until one of our regular customers complained. We’re artists so we love the mix of oil and water paint scents. However we understand for some people it can be overwhelming. We therefore went out and got an air quality monitor recommended by the excellent Ten Tipper.  It showed us an elevated level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). So yes the paint fumes had become too much.

tributeSo what to do? We couldn’t of course open windows. The climate doesn’t mix well with delicate paints. We went back to our go-to reviewers for a recommendation on a good air purifier. We now have a hardy unit running almost full time so even the most sensitive art lover will be able to browse our assorted art collection for hours even without getting affected.

Avoiding indoor air quality problems is the best way to protect the health of all who use the space in question, whether it is a home or an office. All types of buildings can have air polluted by air pollutants and harmful particles that can cause a number of respiratory diseases and other health problems. It is important to take measures to ensure that the air is clean and clean, as far as possible, in any structure.

The quality of indoor air can affect the comfort, health and well-being of everyone who uses the building. Poor air quality can quickly affect the most vulnerable among us people, such as the elderly, infants and people with a weakened immune system. Healthy people can cause health complications or respiratory diseases from repeated or prolonged exposure.

clean airBy maintaining good indoor air quality, you can reduce the number of cases and reduce the risk of developing destructive health conditions associated with exposure to poor air quality.

There are several ways to improve indoor air quality. One of the simplest ways is to install a high-quality filter in the building’s heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system. These high-quality filters are able to remove contaminants and air pollutants from the air as it circulates through the system, trapping contaminants deep inside the filter for later disposal.

Another way is to increase the ventilation of the affected building. Many new buildings are designed to be practically airtight, capturing air pollutants inside the building. Ventilation of the building by opening doors and windows and circulating air throughout the building will replace the old, polluted air with fresh air in the open air, which will greatly improve the indoor air quality.


Gallery room full of native art

Here is an invitation to come and visit us if you are ever in Northern Ontario.  Woodland Printers and Native Art Gallery is located between Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie on the north shore of Lake Huron’s Georgian Bay.  This heavily wooded, rocky landscape is the ancient home to the Ojibway Nation.  Come and partake in our rich artistic heritage, our finest artists are featured in the Woodland Native Art Gallery.  If you would like to order anything you find on this Web Site, or obtain a catalogue please write or call us.

Woodland Printers and Native Art Gallery
53 Woodland Drive
Serpent River First Nation
Cutler, Ontario
P0P 1B0



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