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A tribute to the defenders of Muskrat Falls

tributeI like to share some pictures of some amazing people and who I have met during my travels returning home. I was given gifts to pass onto Labrador Land Protectors by Jeremiah Day from Ontario. By a stranger who I do not know, but we do speak of the same concerns of dishonesty from our governments. I like to say thank you to the ones who stand every day to be heard of what we know is so wrong.

While driving through Ontario on the trans Canada on Highway 17, I met a beautiful couple who would change my life. Jeremiah Day and Tamara Malcom were in their craft store, located in the Serpent River First Nation in Cutler, Ontario. We exchanged words, they knew about how wrong this Muskrat Falls is being handled and especially aboriginal people and their communities. I could have listened to this man talk all day. He was very wise in his words.

Jeremiah asked if I could bring gifts back to the ones who stood ground protecting day after day. The law and the governments are wrong and he wanted to give these gifts to lift their spirits up. To remind them that these pictures have great meanings for the aboriginal cultures. To give strength, honor, respect, to the ones who are standing for the right reasons to protect the people, water, animals and especially their HOMELAND.

Thank you Jeremiah and Tamara for letting me present these gifts to the Labrador Land Protectors on your behalf. Truly was a nice honor to pass over in person and meet these nice people. Beatrice, Marjorie, Jim and Eldred.

Thank you!

Kim Rideout

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